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Offering a wide range of flexible graphite based products and services used particularly in gaskets, valves, process equipment and flanges

Our extensive range of graphite foils are held in stock, and converted in-house to satisfy a wide range of applications across many industries. With a history of solving application based problems from cryogenic to elevated temperatures and vacuum to high pressures, Gee Graphite continue to supply high quality products based on this unique material. Gaskets from Gee Graphite are available in a variety of high purity flexible graphite foils, and a wide range of laminates including inserts of Nickel, Stainless Steel, Polyurethane and Tanged Stainless Steel.

Our product range includes plain & corrugated graphite tapes which can be adhesive backed, and a wide range of Die-Formed graphite rings. We also offer a wide range of Kammprofile type gaskets as well as large diameter segmented (water-jet cut) gaskets and multi-layer metal / graphite seals, fully machined, for valve applications.


Geegraf Graphite Foils

Geegraf Graphite Foils

Geegraf flexible graphite foil, is a homogenous high purity graphite, containing no binders or adhesives providing a resilient and compressible sealing material which exhibits excellent fluid sealing performance for critical high temperature...
Geegraf Graphite Tapes

Geegraf Graphite Tapes

Material Information Gee Graphite process only proven, high quality flexible graphite foils. SGL Carbon are our primary supplier but we will supply alternative grades where specified.
Geegraf Graphite Gaskets

Geegraf Graphite Gaskets

Geegraf gaskets are manufactured using state of the art CNC punching and water jet cutting equipment. Inside bolt circle and full face gaskets supplied to all recognised national international standards. Non-standards cut to customers specifications.
Geegraf Die Formed Graphite Rings

Geegraf Die Formed Graphite Rings

Graphite Die Formed Rings are manufactured from an extensive range of existing tooling or to customers specific requirements.

Die Formed Rings are supplied in a density range of 1.3g/cc to 1.8g/cc
Available in 99% to 99.85% purity, corrosion inhibited and oxidation resistant grades
Supplied endless, split or as matched halves
Square or rectangular section rings are supplied for most applications, however a wide range of non-standard shapes can be produced to suit specific requirements
Metal tipped rings are available for high pressure / anti extrusion applications
Die Formed Rings can be manufactured in alternative materials i.e ThermiculiteTM
BGTA 2008 Die Formed Graphite Ring Sets

BGTA 2008 Die Formed Graphite Ring Sets

BGTA 2008 is a solution for fugitive emission packing for valves. It incorporates an advanced lubricant system that prevents the pick-up of graphite on valve stems. It is designed for harsh operating conditions where fugitive emissions from all types of valves need to be reduced to below 100 ppm. It is well proven and widely used in systems handling fl uid media such as hydrocarbon liquid fuels and gases, lubricating oils and processing chemicals. It is the preferred product when it comes to reducing industry’s VOC fugitive emissions in line with the European Union’s IPPC Directive. Tests in Germany show BGTA 2008 complies with the requirements of TA Luft/VDI 2440. Die Formed Packing Ring Sets 56mm x 40mm x 8mm (5 per set) met the target leakage rate of less than 10-4 mbar.l/(s.m) at above 250ºc. After an initial installation load of 3 x 50 MPa and 500 spindle cycles at a test temperature of 300ºc and internal pressure of 40 bar, a helium leakage rate of 5.7 x 10-3 mbar. l/(s.m) was determined.
Geegraf  Braided Packing

Geegraf Braided Packing

• Suitable for use in static, reciprocating and high temperature valves • Applications...
Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets have the ability to recover under the action of fluctuating loads caused by...
Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile Gaskets

The Gee Graphite camprofile is a composite gasket which utilises a serrated metal core with soft...
Metallic Ring Type Joints

Metallic Ring Type Joints

Ring type joints are precision machined metallic gaskets designed to be used in conjunction with...




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