With continued investment in gasket manufacturing and water jet cutting we offer an unparalleled facility for the production of high quality components supporting many of the world’s valve manufacturers, refineries, power generation, chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Gee Graphite maintains that in order to produce reliable high quality products, its production must be controlled at every stage.

Water jet cutting is at the forefront of profiling technology. Utilising water and abrasive at pressures of up to 60,000 psi, water jet profiling machines are incredibly versatile, being able to cut almost any material ranging from sponge, rubber, wood, plastics, ceramics, composite materials through to stainless steels, aluminium and nickel alloys.

With 10 machines in total of various bed sizes and head configurations, we operate both pure water and abrasive water jet cutting. The ability to operate with various multiple heads allows us to offer cost benefits to the customer.

Our IGEMS CAD/CAM software is one of the most advanced drawing and nesting packages on the market. It allows us to take your concepts in the form of samples, drawings, CAD, DXF or DWG formats, and efficiently transfer them to a working programme for manufacture. The nesting capability of IGEMS means that material wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.

Graphite gaskets and seals are produced in house on a wide range of equipment. Graphite can be slit, corrugated, adhesive backed and hydraulically pressed. Finished products include spiral wound gasket fi ller, tapes for use as camprofile facings and as valve repair tape. Graphite tape can be hydraulically pressed to form valve stem packings.

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