Nickel Reinforced

Nickel Reinforced

Gee Graphite Laminates

Gee Graphite Ltd manufactures the widest range of reinforced graphite laminates for gasket use.

We offer the complete process from selection of high purity graphite foil, laminating, curing and final inspection all carried out in house. A unique high temperature adhesive system giving a 100% bond, this proven system enables the finished sheet to be converted into gaskets with narrow land widths and/or complex geometry with no delamination.

Geegraf NR

NR Nickel Reinforced Graphite Sheet
• Minimum 99% purity graphite foil
• 0.026mm thick high purity nickel foil reinforcement
• Unique high temperature adhesive bonding system
• Thickness range 0.4mm to 4.0mm
• Exceptional resistance to chemicals
• Easily cut by traditional methods

Maximum service temperature: 5000C in oxidising conditions
Maximum service temperature: 10000C in inert and reducing conditions
Maximum service pressure: 140 bar
Compressibility: 40 – 50%
Recovery: 10 – 15%

For large diameter gaskets a sheet size of 1300 x 1300mm is available. Please contact our Technical Service Department for details.

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We have four divisions of Gee Graphite to cater for your specific requirements

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