BGTA 2008 Die Formed Graphite Ring Sets

BGTA 2008 Die Formed Graphite Ring Sets

BGTA 2008 is a solution for fugitive emission packing for valves. It incorporates an advanced lubricant system that prevents the pick-up of graphite on valve stems. It is designed for harsh operating conditions where fugitive emissions from all types of valves need to be reduced to below 100 ppm. It is well proven and widely used in systems handling fl uid media such as hydrocarbon liquid fuels and gases, lubricating oils and processing chemicals.

It is the preferred product when it comes to reducing industry’s VOC fugitive emissions in line with the European Union’s IPPC Directive.

Tests in Germany show BGTA 2008 complies with the requirements of TA Luft/VDI 2440. Die Formed Packing Ring Sets 56mm x 40mm x 8mm (5 per set) met the target leakage rate of less than 10-4 mbar.l/(s.m) at above 250ºc.

After an initial installation load of 3 x 50 MPa and 500 spindle cycles at a test temperature of 300ºc and internal pressure of 40 bar, a helium leakage rate of 5.7 x 10-3 mbar. l/(s.m) was determined.

Main Areas of Application: 

• Valves
• Pumps

Technical Data
• pH Range: 0 To 14
• Maximum service temperature: -2000C to +4000C
• Maximum system pressure: 25Mpa

• TA Luft Rev 07.2002 requirements/VDI 2440
• Third party verified emission control performance
• Low friction action without graphite pick-up
• Suitable for both rotary and rising stem valves
• No special fitting techniques required

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