AOC Seal (Anti-Over Compression Seal)

Gee Graphite Ltd are pleased to release to market The AOC Seal.

(Anti-Over Compression Seal)

The AOC Seal is an evolution of the traditional laminated seal for Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves. 

The AOC Seal eliminates the possibility of over compression, which can cause a collapse or distortion of the sealing ring.

As with the standard TOSV Seals, the AOC Seal
can be supplied for both disc mounted or body mounted styles of valves and are supplied in sizes 2” (50mm) to 60” (1500mm) with specials available up to sizes 118” (2950mm).


The benefits of the AOC Seal:

  • Elimination of the possibility
    of over-compression
  • Under compression the
    gasket material is directed into the conical profile
  • Less torque is required to
    bolt down the seal into position
  • Zero Leakage bi-directional

The AOC Seal, like the standard TOSV seal has the capability to be machined on both the interior and exterior surfaces and can be supplied in various grades of metallic layers and gasket layers depending upon customer requirements.

The AOC Seal is protected by UK Patent# 1802537.9