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Gee Graphite are located in Raventhorpe, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Gee Graphite Ltd was founded in 1989 to offer customers a range of industrial gasket and sealing products based on expanded flexible graphite. The business developed and expanded in its intended markets, supplying high quality sealing components to the industrial valve, aerospace, process equipment, chemical, metallurgical, electronic, power generation and other markets. It was through the difficulties posed in cutting composite graphite materials that a more radical and innovative approach had to be considered. This led to setting up the new Water Jet Cutting division and installation of the UK’s first Water Jet Cutting system in 1991. Since then Water Jet Cutting has grown substantially and now all 5 Gee divisions operate from a 62,000 sq.ft site in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Our Graphite & Gasket Division offers a wide range of sheet materials in a variety of high purity foils and a wide range of laminates including nickel, stainless steel tanged stainless steel and polyurethane. We produce flexible graphite gaskets, gaskets of other materials including rubber, cork, mica, non asbestos fibre and paper, plain & corrugated tapes, die formed rings, braided packing, packing sets, spiral wound filler materials & gaskets along with other sealing solutions.

An extensive range of graphite foils and gasket materials are held in stock, and converted in-house to satisfy a wide range of applications across many industries. With a history of solving application based problems from cryogenic to elevated temperatures and vacuum to high pressures, Gee Graphite continue to supply high quality products in a wide range of materials to customers globally.

Priding ourselves on being at the cutting edge of technology Gee Graphite remain a global leader in our chosen sectors. We offer customers innovative products and technologies to help achieve their ever changing needs developing new products to deal with increasing legislation on fugitive emissions and providing gaskets for tomorrows sealing applications. By developing our own in-house laminating system we have established methods of bonding graphite foils to a range of metal cores including Nickel and Stainless Steels. The laminated material is not only suitable for high temperature applications but does not delaminate during the die cutting or water jet cutting processes.

Water Jet Cutting uses a computer controlled jet of pure water and abrasive water, where the process has been modified to suit the production of gaskets and now the most intricate designs can be cut accurately. Offering a clean, safe, smooth edge finish without the subsequent handling problems associated with the die cutting and knife blade cutting of gaskets. Both abrasive and pure water cutting from 8 machines both single and multi-head configuration, giving the largest capacity in the UK.

About Us


Gee Graphite Ltd comprises of 5 divisions and are global leaders in graphite based products, gaskets, sealing solutions, supply of double & triple offset butterfly seals, our energised division includes un-packing & live-loading and finally offering our waterjet cutting services. With over 30 years’ experience, we pride ourselves with the highest levels of quality and service to support our extensive customer base. Continually expanding our range of products and services.

Gee Graphite Division: Converting expanded flexible graphite into a wide range of gaskets, sealing products, foils, tapes and specialist sheets. We are able to offer Spiral wound gasket fillers slit in-house from graphite, PTFE & mica, alongside our reinforced graphite laminate sheets all to our customers own requirements.

Gee Gasket Division: We are certainly not new to Gaskets, but we do have a new Division. Our extensive knowledge in manufacturing graphite gaskets has now opened us up to supply gaskets made from PTFE, rubber, cork, mica, paper, ceramic paper and non asbestos material. All with a possible yield of 120 gaskets per cycle, our entire gasket range is manufactured on site here at Gee.

Gee Valve Division: Gee Graphite have unrivalled experience in the manufacture and supply of fully machined laminated double and triple offset butterfly valve seals. With our expertise in flexible graphite and precision waterjet cutting, we can assist valve designers in producing laminated valve seals to suit specific applications.

Energised/Live Loading Division: Delivering a full range of products designed to eliminate costly plant leakage problems, whilst also offering a valve unpacking service for maintenance purposes.

Water Jet Cutting Division: Our state of the art water jet cut machines are some of the best in the UK. We can provide you with Precision Cutting on our Abrasive and Water only machines capable of dealing with customers most demanding cutting requirements.


Our Virtek LaserQC precisely measures our machined products

It is the policy of Gee Graphite Limited to provide an integrated management system and quality management structure.

Gee Graphite operate a company wide assurance system conforming to the ISOQAR – ISO 9001. The quality assurance system ensures the inspection and recording of incoming materials against purchase orders and customers specifics. Gee Graphite realise the value of achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance. This commitment has been formally recognised with the registration to BS EN ISO 14001, The Environmental Management Standard. To achieve the above objectives, the company operates a Quality System that carries out regular reviews of its processes and customer needs and has set in place quantifiable objectives and has established procedures to ensure that these are reviewed and are continuously reassessed. All operations conform to the company’s procedures and disciplines as described in the Quality Manual, Operating Procedures, Work Instructions etc. The participation of all personnel is mandatory. Please visit our Quality Assurance page for full details and document downloads