Graphite Die Formed Rings

Geegraf Die Formed Rings are produced from high purity homogenous flexible graphite with no binders or fillers and have outstanding chemical resistance. Our moulded rings are manufactured on site using our extensive range of tooling or to customers specific requirements, they can be supplied individually or in sets as a square section, chamfered and/or split in matching halves, rings can also be supplied with metal end caps for high pressure anti extrusion applications. Moulded/ Die Formed Rings have the ability to provide a leak-free seal for high performance valve applications, with their excellent chemical resistance and the ability to withstand most media in the oil and gas industry. Working alongside our German Supplier SGL we are able to offer a wide range of graphite grades including oxidation resistance, High purity graphite and corrosion inhibited grades to suit a wide range of applications.

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