Exhaust & Manifold Gaskets

The ideal characteristics of a gasket material used in the exhaust manifold is the heat tolerance and ability to withstand the temperature of the application without oxidizing, burning, or otherwise disintegrating. Offering a line of products for high-temperature applications. The gaskets should compress or conform to flange conditions and irregularities to make a good seal. The harsh environments of exhaust systems can present a challenge if you don’t use acceptable gasket materials. Finding something to withstand the hot gases requires materials specifically designed to survive such conditions. What should you look for when selecting a gasket material?
  • Metal reinforcement: This provides strength and durability to maintain position in the face of the extreme conditions.
  • Heat-tolerant facing material: Facing material must withstand heat of exhaust without disintegration over the life of the seal. Materials behave differently over time, be sure to choose what is best for you.
  • Abrasion resistance: This might be a factor in joints with high thermal motion, such as joints of dissimilar metals that expand and contract at different rates. In these cases, often a clad-style material is chosen.
  • Low creep relaxation: Graphite products are a good example of a facing with low creep relaxation. This means it will not continue to lose thickness with the heat and time exposure, thus maintaining good flange loading to maintain the seal.

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