Our extensive range of Sheets

Geegraf Nickel Reinforced Sheets

Our unique Geegraf Nickel Reinforced Sheets are manufactured in-house.


Geegraf product range includes:

Nickel Reinforced NR

Stainless Steel Reinforced SSR

Stainless Steel Tanged SST


Geegraf NR graphite sheet contains two layers of graphite with a nickel foil core. Our SSR graphite sheet comprises of two outer layers of graphite with a stainless steel core. And our SST material comprises two outer layers of graphite foil with a central tanged stainless-steel core.

We offer the complete process from a selection of high purity graphite foil, laminating, curing and final inspection all carried out in house.

Our high temperature adhesive system gives a 100% bond, this proven system enables the finished sheet to be converted into gaskets of any size with no delamination.

Whilst our tanged material offers a mechanically bonded system with no adhesive offering our customers an alternative in our laminated range. Sheets can be supplied branded or unbranded.