Energised Division

Flow Process Solutions is now offering our Geegraf Energised System in partnership with Gee Graphite Ltd.

Flow and Process Solutions Ltd. was founded in May 2020. Based in the UK, the FPS team has decades of domestic and international experience in the flow control manufacturing and aftermarket sector, this experience was developed during working periods with privately owned businesses and major multi-national corporations.

The FPS team has spent many years working with, and for, major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) that have supplied key process valves into the downstream market and with our footprint in the UK and in Saudi Arabia and our experience Throughout Europe, Africa Middle East, Russia, Kazakhstan and Western Europe we are well placed to provide support to end users of valves and associated equipment.

Aftermarket support has always been a key element by end users, Engineering and Procurement Contractors (EPC’s) in selecting a critical valve supplier. FPS can fully support our partners, not only in the regions where we have a facility, but also globally with our team of highly experienced Valve and Actuator Technicians. The FPS team, are focused on customer service and satisfaction as being the main drivers of future success and to that end have built a lean model of operation, with efficient systems and processes to ensure that we can react to customer needs quickly and effectively.

FPS provides a one-stop shop for all our customers, when it comes to Valves, Actuators & Sealing Solutions. We have sourcing partners that allows us to procure both stock, and manufactured to order Valves, Actuators, Control Systems, Gaskets and Seals. In some cases a customer may need a new product modified to suit their specific needs and FPS are able to satisfy those needs in partnership with our sub-contracted Engineering and Fabrication services. Core to the FPS business is our ability to take a product that is either non-operational or due to the severe service conditions is worn or damaged and we overhaul and repair back to the original as new condition. Due to the age or changes in customer needs many of the products we work on do not meet the latest environmental specifications, our Engineered service allows us to offer upgrades that allow end users to continue using these high cost products in lieu of replacing.

Geegraf Energised Flange System

Maintains clamping force under all conditions

 The single disc solution to leakage which brings you these benefits:

  • A constant, uniform clamping force
  • Compensation for thermal expansion and contraction
  • The dampening of vibrational shock
  • The prevention of gasket blowouts and reaction to pressure surges

Gland Disc Springs

Geegraf GDS

Computer designed disc springs automatically adjust the gland to maintain a constant optimum sealing pressure on the packing set. Prevents leakage due to wear, vibration, consolidation and thermal cycling.

End Rings

Geegraf ER

Anti-extrusion ring manufactured from high purity yarn. Having no fillers or binders it withstands high temperatures in non-oxidising atmospheres with no apparent volume loss. Commonly known as braided packing, this can be supplied with or without Inconel reinforcement, this product is strong and durable mostly used as packing in valves can offer various lengths and cross sections, we also have the ability to press creating a formed ring with either scarf cut or butt cut for use in valve stems.

Die Formed Rings

Geegraf DFR

Geegraf DFR die formed inhibited graphite rings are a high purity, low friction, self-lubricating ring manufactured from pure graphite tape. To provide improved sealing performance DFR are engineered to an accurate specific density for compression resistance, elasticity and retention of shape and size, resulting in exceptional sealing performance.

Split Carbon Sleeves

Geegraf SCS

To allow the use of the optimum ring packing set, a high purity split carbon sleeve is used as a spacer in the bottom of the stuffing box.

Geegraf Gland System

Geegraf Energised Gland System

Maintains clamping force under all conditions  The single disc solution to leakage which brings you these benefits: A constant, uniform clamping force. Compensation for thermal expansion and contraction. The dampening of vibrational shock. Finally, the prevention of gasket blowouts and reaction to pressure surges.