Mica Gaskets & PTFE Gaskets

Material is highly flexible thermal and electrical insulating material recommended for applications up to the highest temperatures using the most heat resistant phlogopite Mica. Completely free of asbestos or ceramic fibres, primary used in the melting industry for industrial induction furnaces. Other applications can be insulations within lifting magnets, heat or fire shields, domestic appliances, car batteries. Various sheet thicknesses available.

Our MICA and PTFE Gaskets offer a wide range of exceptional properties. With the Mica gaskets being completely harmless and presenting very high thermal and mechanical performance and PTFE gaskets working efficiently at both low and high temperatures. Our MICA gaskets can be used in a wide range of applications including diesel engines, exhaust manifolds, turbines, turbochargers, oil pan and heat shields. We can supply in various thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 6mm thick. The PTFE gaskets are supplied to a large number of industrial sectors such as food and beverage, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

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