PTFE Sheets

CodeThickness (mm)Sheet Size (mm)
PTFE/0.50.51200 x 1200
PTFE/1.01.01200 x 1200
PTFE/1.51.51200 x 1200
PTFE/2.02.01200 x 1200
PTFE/2.52.51200 x 1200

PTFE sheets are available in a range of grades to suit various sealing applications, most commonly used is Virgin PTFE It has great electrical and thermal properties, which provides good chemical resistance and a non-corrosive construction. They also offer effective resistance to moisture absorption and have an extremely low coefficient of friction, making them a popular option as a seal in rotary or linear movement applications.

All sheets can be water jet cut to create various shaped gaskets. On site we have our state-of-the-art water jet cutting machines which can provide you with precision cutting on our abrasive and water only machines. The process has been modified to suit the production of gaskets and now the most intricate designs can be cut accurately with no tooling costs offering a clean safe, smooth edge finish.

Gee Graphite Sheets