Pure Graphite Sheets & Rolls

Thickness (mm) Density (g/cc) Widths (mm) Lengths (m) Weight Kg
0.2 1.0 1000 100 20.0
0.35 1.0 1000 100  35.0
0.5 1.0 1000 70  35.0
0.75 1.0 1000 50 37.5
1.5 1.0 1000  1 x 1 (sheet) 1.5
 2.0  1.0 1000 1 x 1 (sheet) 2.0
Geegraf flexible graphite foil is formed from a natural graphite flake put through a thermal (expansion) process which leads to the formation of loose worms of pure graphite which are then compressed into foils using no fillers or binders. Our pure graphite provides a resilient and compressible sealing material, which exhibits excellent fluid sealing performance for critical high temperature applications, typical in Petrochemical, Refining and Power generation industries. Working alongside our German Supplier SGL we are able to offer a wide range of grades including oxidation resistance, High purity graphite and corrosion inhibited grades to suit a wide range of applications. Alternatively we can offer industrial grades to suit your requirements with budget in mind. In addition we can add adhesive backing to our foil rolls as well as customer branding. All sheets can be water jet cut to create various shaped gaskets. On site we have our state-of-the-art water jet cutting machines which can provide you with precision cutting on our abrasive and water only machines. The process has been modified to suit the production of gaskets and now the most intricate designs can be cut accurately with no tooling costs offering a clean safe, smooth edge finish.

Gee Graphite Sheets