Gee Valve Seals Division

Offering a wide range of flexible graphite based products and services used particularly in gaskets, valves, process equipment and flanges.

Our extensive range of graphite foils are held in stock, and converted in-house to satisfy a wide range of applications across many industries. With a history of solving application based problems from cryogenic to elevated temperatures and vacuum to high pressures, Gee Graphite continue to supply high quality products based on this unique material. Gaskets from Gee Graphite are available in a variety of high purity flexible graphite foils, and a wide range of laminates including inserts of Nickel, Stainless Steel, Polyurethane and Tanged Stainless Steel.

Our product range includes plain & corrugated graphite tapes which can be adhesive backed, and a wide range of Die-Formed graphite rings. We also offer a wide range of Kammprofile type gaskets as well as large diameter segmented (water-jet cut) gaskets and multi-layer metal / graphite seals, fully machined, for valve applications.

Gee Graphite Ltd are pleased to release to market the AOC Seal (Anti-Over Compression Seal). The AOC Seal is an evolution of the traditional laminated seal for Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves.  It eliminates the possibility of over compression, which can cause a collapse or distortion of the sealing ring and offers zero leakage bi-directional. Please click on the below flyer and call Matt Jennings 01924 481456 for more information and a data sheet.

TOSV Product Range

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